Describe ‘her’

“They say describe ‘her’ to us,
For you have expertise in ‘her’ description.
Indeed, I have knowledge of ‘her descriptions’!
It’s purity with no water,
It’s softness with no air,
It’s light with no fire,
It’s a soul with no body.”
Ibn Al-Faridh [Born 576 Hijra / 1181 CE – Died 632 Hijra / 1235 CE]

Me, unjust and ignorant

After a stressful time this year and just today, I realised how unfair and ignorant, deep down, I am.
May Allah forgive the Me in me.

“Indeed, we offered the Trust to the heavens and the earth and the mountains, and they declined to bear it and feared it; but man [undertook to] bear it. Indeed, he was unjust and ignorant.” Quran 33:72

I am so grateful to Allah that I am not a ruler or a man of power.