Medical care

Medical care should be free for all.
It suffices to see the failure of the US system in this respect.
The common person in the US lives in a perpetual dream.
It is appalling to hear an MP proposing to charge the common people for health care.
The NHS is paid for by the tax system, which is monies collected from the common workers. As to the rich, they have ways to avoid payments.
In short, the NHS suffered and still suffers from the privatisation of some of its services.

London’s exorbitant charges

Currently, London’s public transportation in very expensive and not reliable.
You just need to compare it to Frankfurt or Paris.
Do not compare it to the likes of Tokyo. There, they are light years ahead of London.
The solution of those in charge in London is to extract astronomical fees from car users in the name of global warming and pollution decrease!
In other words, they do not have the know how in making public transportation reliable and reasonably priced, so it is cheaper than car transportation and better for the environment.