What is Quran ? (3)

Following are some other answers:

“The Quran can be seen as a manual containing a framework of how one should live their life. It uses examples of the past as well as the future to help guide us.” M J

“It is a miracle book revealed in Arabic to Muhammad,peace be upon him containing among other things laws, stories for mankind’s salvation here and the hereafter.” Nabil

“The Qur’an is the only book known to mankind that is perfect in every sense and revealed upon the most perfect human being, be it in terms of eloquence, language, conciseness, accuracy, and scientifically to those who have intellect. Undoubtedly the most memorised book in history! It is a guide, a manual to frame the life of anyone in both the inner and outer aspects of our life.” Abdullah

“A guide to that which is straightest, giving good tidingsto those who do righteous deeds.” Tim

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