The commoner’s statement

جلوسي في سوق أبيع وأشتري … دليل على أن الأنام قرود
ولا خير في قوم يذل كرامهم … ويعظم فيهم نذلهم ويسود
ويهجوهم عني رثاثة كسوتي … هجاء قبيحا ما عليه مزيد
–  أبو هلال العسكري –

Me, sitting in the market, buying and selling …
Is  proof that humans are monkeys

There is no goodness in people who are vile to those who are decent …
While they admire the wicked and make them leaders

And whom my worn out clothes speaks ill of …
In an ugly satire that reached its extreme

Abu Hilal Hasan bin Abdellah al-Askarie [~307Hijri/920CE – ~395Hijri/1005CE]

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