Ease and difficulty

I find it easy to believe in the existence* of a Creator of this World and of its content.

However, to reach this ease, there are many obstacles. Some of these obstacles are in our personal and inner world. Others are not.

To see things for what they are, is not always a comfortable sight. At times, it is not even possible.

To travel that inner path of fairness is indeed a heavy burden. For in your attempt to make that trip to ease, you will meet many who work to stop you, to distract you or to divert you off course.

A lot of patience and an unshaken will would be your good companions.

You will meet the rabbi and you have to pass that.

You will the priest and you have to pass that.

You will meet the sheikh and you have to pass that.

You will meet many and you will have to pass.

The scientist is but another human being. He or she might be of great help or just a mere disappointment.

You will have to pass all that and the Truth would be still calling you:

“You have not reached me yet!


Maybe, if you are truly sincere,

I will reach out to you!”


*I am very grateful to a reader who noticed a typo here

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