The sin of Darwin and Freud

“And O my people, give full measure and weight in justice and do not deprive the people of their due and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.”  Quran 11:85

The above quote is ancient.
It is wisdom.
It is true.
It is not easy to practice though. However, one should try and keep a little bit of balance and not fall off completely.

Charles Darwin [born 1809 – died 1882] put forward a theory that tried to explain the diversity of life on Earth.

In that theory, there is no evidence that he tried to explain away the existence of God as some people, atheists or religious, may like to claim. See link.

His research was a step forward in studying life on Earth in a scientific way and not in an obscure and unmeasurable way.
His theory has flaws, like all theories past and present, but nevertheless it was a step forward in research.

His sin was to claim that Man and ape had common ancestry.
That man, surfing the clouds, was brought down to Earth and was told that he was an animal.
And that man who pretended to speak on behalf of the Prophets and claimed lofty stations, turned up to be an animal also.
Make no mistake, the animals are also found among atheists.

But there was a stark difference between the animal and man.
Maybe it can be counted as one of the flaws in that theory.
The animals do not lie and you cannot accuse them of being hypocrites.

As Sigmund Schlomo Freud [born 1856 – died 1939] turns up in the scientific scene, he accused man of being more than just an animal.
His theory revolved around man being driven primarily by sexual desires.
All of a sudden, Man is naked.

Certainly, his theory had flaws but it was also a step forward in scientific terms.
It had unlocked, by using experimental methods, a deeper side to man.
Maybe it would have been better if he claimed that man is driven by desire and left it to that.
That desire could be for lust, power, wealth, etc.

Now, there are people who think that old people are of no use.
They may not say it out loud because of social constraints.
Why waste scarce resources on the elderly ?
If we let old people die in the hospitals without support,
Is this not animal behaviour at its lowest state ?

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