Are you really free? Maybe you need to reconsider!

It was a Tuesday afternoon on a September 2011, when I walked into our open desk office and found everyone stuck to their computer screen watching the towers fall!

Three towers fell, not two!

A voice broke the unusual silence and exclaimed: “Ahh! I don’t want to be a Palestinian in america now!”

All that pretence of freedom.
So much for democracy.
On that day, I witnessed that slavery was not even felt anymore.

We and them.
We are free. They are not.
We are civilised. They are barbaric.
Their wealth is ours. Our wealth is not theirs.
We deserve to live. They do not.

This is not new.
It is as old as age.

Centuries ago, Ibn Khaldun (born 1332CE – died 1406CE) stated:

“Government prevents injustice, other than such it commits itself.”

And after him, Niccolo Machiavelli (born 1469CE – died 1527CE) wrote:

“A prudent ruler cannot and must not honour his word.”

And it seems like Machiavelli was honest in wishing well for the people by recommending such a ruler.

Where is that nation that truly holds accountable its rulers even if they were from a distant past?

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