The reach of mercy

“And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.”
Quran 21:107

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born to an honourable family in Mecca.
Mecca was home to his tribe called Quraysh.
Quraysh is similar to the tribe of Jacob or more famously known as Israel.
Investigate and you shall find that these are some of the most cruel tribes on earth and in the history of humanity.
However, amongst the dead, you will also find the living.

This harsh and cruel environment gave birth to one of the greatest man in history.
He was full of mercy.
He never hit a child nor a woman.
He freed slaves.
He married.
He ate just enough and slept just enough.
He never drunk alcohol.
He never took part in an unjustice towards an other human being.
He only worshiped the creator of the heavens and the earth.
He walked humbly on earth.
To him, all people were equal like the teeth of a comb.
It has been reported that he said:

“If your deeds make you go slow, your lineage will not make you go faster.”

He was employed by a wealthy woman called Khadijah, peace be upon her.
All the reports about his behaviour and the way he traded were conveyed to her.
She then made an informed decision and asked him for marriage.
She was twice a widower.
She was fourty years of age and he was only a twenty five years old man.
After consultation and reflection, he accepted that offer and lived with her till she came to pass.

Many claim to be followers of Moses, peace be upon him, Jesus, peace be upon him and / or Muhammad, peace be upon him, but their action says otherwise.
The whispers of their deeds are louder than the screams of their claims.

Around the time of the birth of the Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him, Budhism entered Japan and Christianity re-entered the British isles.
It is very interesting to find, after deep and extended research, that one can easily point at the differences between Islam, Christianity and Budhism.
Yet, their common ground/s are not of the counting realm.

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