The masses dilemma

A tennis player in open court away from the public is no threat to public health.
The reason for stopping him playing is to make of him an example to others.
I am no big fan of tennis.
In addition, I am fully vaccinated against covid-19.
In scientific terms, it still does not make me immune against covid-19 and also it does not stop me from transmitting that virus to others. At best, it will help me fight that infection. This is not certain, but that was my decision to make.
However, to force someone to be vaccinated is just wrong and unjust.
Instead of focusing on that small number of vulnerable people, someone put forward a project to vaccinate everyone with a novel vaccine with assurances that the manufacturers were not responsible for their product before the law.
It is now clear that it was a profit driven decision, not in the public’s interest.
I wish the list of all those who lobbied the government on behalf of those giant companies were to be made public.
These decisions are not scientifically driven for certain.
Here is an example of an ICU consultant trying to explain the situation to a health minister!
Can he possibly make him hear?
What drives a minister? intellect and science? or personal profit? or worse, corruption?

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