MBS is a So3look

Muawiya Bin abi Sufyan is a so3look.
So3look (صعلوك) is an Arabic word, and it means someone who has no wealth that was earned lawfully.
It is usually used for bandits who raid caravans and take their wealth forcefully.
Indeed, MBS is a so3look.
There is a sound narration in Muwatta of Imam Malik, number 2155, where a woman called Fatima Bint Qays was asked for marriage by two men: MBS and Abu Jahm.
The sound narration relates that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon said the following:
“Abu Jahm hits women.
As to Muawiya, he is a so3look, he has no money. *
Marry Usama bin Zayd!”
Fatima Bint Qays choose wisely and married Usama bin Zayd and lived happily with him.
Usama bin Zayd was not -physically- handsome.
Spiritually, though, he was a rarity.
And amongst the disciples of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, only few like Ali Bin Abi Talib were a match to him.
Muawiya was -physically- handsome unlike his named father Abu Sufyan who was ugly. However, spiritually he was corrupt and a corruptor.
Muawiya lived all his life as a so3look. He lived to amass massive amounts of gold and silver. Yet not one piece of gold nor silver that he acquired was lawful.
There are narrations outside the Muwatta that omit the word ‘su3look’ and it is obvious they were under the influence of MBS. For a poor man can marry a rich woman and vice versa, but it is not advisable to marry a so3look unless they cease their unlawful activities and make amends.
Indeed, Usama bin Zayd was not known for wealth nor was his companion Ali Bin Abi Talib. You may even honourably attribute poverty to them. They were both known for their honourable character and exemplary behaviour.
When MBS and his ilk bully you, tell them that the following Quranic words do not apply just to some rabbis and some monks, but to some Muslims as well:

“And those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah – give them tidings of a painful punishment.”
Quran 9:34

* “He has no money” may mean he has no -lawful- money.

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