A scientist is just a creature

You should educate yourself, but do not be deluded by titles.
I have met and worked with many scientists, and I must say that there are those few amongst them who are truly good human beings and on top of that they have a good and useful scientific working knowledge.
Unfortunately, there are also those that are cruel, devoid of any humility, full of themselves, or better described as parasites.
I always wondered why Nobel prizes are given to individuals when, in reality, the work that was achieved was never the work of one individual. It is always a work of a group of researchers. It also happens that individuals at the heart of a project are not advertised as leading the research project. Sometimes they are omitted in published papers and at other times they are lost in a list of contributors to the article.
A professor’s publications can sometimes even exceed what is humanly possible.
Here is an interesting blog documenting frauds in science.

Does it mean, we should not engage in scientific research?
Far from it. Do what you can but in a safe and healthy way.

And when you feel lost, here is something that might help:

“And say, “My Lord, cause me to enter a sound entrance and to exit a sound exit and grant me from Yourself a supporting authority.”
Quran 17:80

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