More than love

A man called Bilal bin Jumaa prayed one night:
“O’ Allah, who will be my wife in Paradise?”
And for three nights thereafter he was shown in his dream a black slave woman in Awtass.
So he went to Awtass and inquired about her.
There a man said to him: “You are asking about an insane black slave that I owned and freed.”
Bilal said: “How was her insanity?”
He said: “She used to fast during the day and when we gave her food to break fast with, she would give it away to charity. And she would not keep silent at night till we grew tired of her.”
Bilal said: “Where is she?”
He said: “She is working as a shepherd for some people in the desert.”
Bilal went looking for her and saw her standing in prayer and when he looked at the sheep he saw a wolf guiding them and another one showing them green pastures.
When she finished her prayers, Bilal greeted her.
She replied: “O’ Bilal, you are my husband in Paradise.”
Bilal said: “Indeed, I have seen it in a dream.”
She said: “And I was given ‘the good news of you’.”
Bilal asked: “What about the wolves and the sheep?”
She said:

“I made peace with Him.
So he established peace between the wolf and the sheep.”

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