A drink like no other

“And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of zanjabil ” Quran 76:17

Each one of us knows their cup and each one yearns for their drink.
In ancient times, one of the plants that grew in coastal towns of Yemen and Oman was called zanjabil -زَنْجَبيل-.
It is mentioned a lot in ancient Arabic poetry.
It is also found in India, South East Asia and China.
It was found to be very useful for helping breathing, keeping one’s breath fresh, relieving pain, especially stomach pain and digestive system pain etc.
The Middle East was always a melting pot and was the origin of civilisation.
Greece got this word and the plant from the Middle East.
The Greeks did not grow this plant and they had no direct access to India.
They called it zingiberis.
Open your eyes and see.
Read it loud and hear.
You will notice that it sounds very much like the Arabic word zanjabil.
As it spread throughout Europe, its pronunciation kept changing.
By the time it reached old England, it became gingifer.
But at last we had to settle for GINGER.
It is good to mix it with a drink and it is good to mix it with food.
An earthly symbolic taste of a drink to come for those striving to do good.

“And they will be given to drink a cup whose mixture is of ginger” Quran 76:17

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