The master key to Thebes

There are two cities called Thebes.
One is in Egypt and the other one is in Greece.

It is certain that Greece gained its foundation in knowledge from the Sumerians and the Egyptians.
They received a further development with the Advent of Issa (Jesus), peace be upon him.
But for two centuries they were forgotten.
Their works became a forgotten thing as it accumulated dust.
They were to be revived by the Muslims and given a new lifeline.

We read the following in Wikipedia:
“The Greeks attributed the foundation of Thebes to Cadmus, a Phoenician king from Tyre (now in Lebanon) and the brother of Queen Europa. Cadmus was famous for teaching the Phoenician alphabet and building the Acropolis, which was named the Cadmeia in his honor and was an intellectual, spiritual, and cultural center. ”

What is Cadmus ?
What is Europa ?

I cannot find the root meaning of the word Cadmus nor that of Europa in the English dictionaries.
However, as they both came from Phoenicia, modern Lebanon, it is time to research it in the Arabic language.

Cadmus in Arabic is Cudmus (قدموس).
It is not a name.
It is a title.
It has at least five meanings:

  1. Great king
  2. Leader
  3. Ancient
  4. Foremost
  5. Powerful

As to Europa (عروبة), that is exactly how it is pronounced in Arabic.
However, many people who speak Arabic might substitute the letter ‘p’ with the letter ‘b’.
Arabic and Uruba / Europa have the same root which is Arab.
Arab core meaning revolves around clarity of speech.
However, when used as an attribute for a woman, it means good-natured.

The word race is effectively a cultural construct to oppress and cause injustice to some people.
None of us has that ‘pure’ gene that would make them above all others.
But it is the injustice inflicted by Man unto other Man.
We are all connected and the best one amongst us is the least harmful to others.

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