Truth from distant ethnic groups

“Be with the truthful”
Quran 9:119

May Al-Kindi rest in peace for eternity.
His full name is: “Abu Yusuf, Yaʻqub ibn Ishaq Al-Kindi”
“Abu Yusuf ” means “The father of Joseph”.
“Yaʻqub ibn Ishaq” is “Jacob son of Isaac”.
“Al-Kindi” means “He is from the tribe of Kinda”. It is a famous Arabian tribe.

He wrote:

“We ought not to be ashamed of appreciating the truth and of acquiring it wherever it comes from, even if it comes from races* distant and nations different from us.
For the seeker of truth nothing takes precedence over the truth, and there is no disparagement of the truth, nor belittling either of him who speaks it or of him who conveys it.
( The status of ) no one is diminished by the truth; rather does the truth ennoble all.”
Al-Kindi [born 185 Hijra / 801 CE – died 256 Hijra / 873 CE]

*I opted for the word ‘ethnic groups’ in the title instead of ‘race’.
However, I kept to the original translation by Alfred Ivry of Al-Kindi’s On First Philosophy.
I feel that the word ethnic is more realistic in describing groups of people.

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