A democratic scholar

“This that we are involved in, we do not force anyone into it.
And we do not say that it must be accepted by anyone through coersion.
So anyone who has something better than this, let them bring it forth.”
Al-Imam Abu Hanifah [Born ~80Hijra/699CE – Died 150Hijra/767CE]

Not all scientists and scholars are democratic.
But those amongst them who are democratic, they are certainly special.
Maybe it is hard to believe.
Hippasus, for arguing for the existence* of irrational numbers, was murdered by the Pythagorian sect.
Some say he was expelled. Who knows !
Pythagoras was a strong believer in his rational numbers!
The idea of rational and irrational numbers seems to have been known to Babylonians.
But then, the Babylonians have no merit in the old testament.
Maybe you are thinking it is different in modern times.
Try and argue against evolution in a scientific paper and see what happens!

*I am very grateful to a reader who noticed a typo here

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