Are ‘Lockdowns’ a solution ?

It is certain that the development of science has improved public health.
However, the human body contains too much and keeps on surprising scientists.
By scientists, I mean those ‘lab rats’ who ‘wreck’ their brains to understand the mechanisms and laws that govern this human body.
Scientists and religious leaders are very much alike. The humble, honest and fair is found here and there, just like you would find the unjust and corrupt.
It seems like we know very little, though. We do not even know how much we know.
After examining the data from the UK office for National Statistics, I found myself not convinced that ‘lockdowns’ are a way forward. Rather, I am inclined to think that it only exacerbated this covid problem.
I have summarised it in the following graph without taking into account UK’s population growth over the years. The two vertical lines show the starting of the official 2 lockdowns in the UK.

Click on image to see more details

Maybe, I am missing something and that is why I got it wrong.
If that is the case then I stand corrrected.

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