Covid Bullies

These last years events clearly showed that the problem is with the hosts to viruses and not always with viruses.
Indeed, a human being can be more lethal than any virus.

One company amasses so much wealth that its CEO, in the middle of a crisis, decides to propel himself into space. Surprise! Actually, you never left Earth!
All those layers above the Earth’s crust are still part of Earth.
Others saw the opportunity to let go of some of their work force to put even more pressure on the reminder of their field workers. Platonism at its best!
Anyway, for certain there are people in key positions who make decisions not in favour of the general public and not for the greater good.

I was reading an article and to my never-ending surprise, it stated:
“Getting vaccinated has been proven and corroborated by experts to be the safest way to avoid the risk of hospitalisation from Covid.
Several of those who are against vaccine mandates have, without basis, compared them to being tyrannical.”

There are those who are vaccinated against Covid-19 and are against mandating this novel vaccine.
As to science. It is an ongoing process. Moreover, the process of making a protein from an mRNA is not yet fully understood.
Today, this novel treatment looks good and I hope it will continue to be the case in the distant future. However, one day, it may well be found to be harmful.
Today, in science, we know that having this vaccine does not protect others from infection. At best it may boost the immune system of the vaccinated and hence reduce harm if infected. It can be harmful to some people though.
This does not downplay the role of science in public health. However, one should be mindful of its flaws. After all, a scientist is a human being who operates in an environment constantly influenced by politics and wealth.

Why concentrate on the whole population?
Why not limit it to those truly vulnerable?
And what is wrong with giving people a choice in life matters?

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