Europa is the name of a princess from Lebanon in ancient Greek.
You will find in the English dictionary that it means the continent that is home to Europeans, but that does not say anything about the meaning of the word itself.
To think of Europe as a home to a distinct race set apart from the rest of the world is just not factual historically nor genetically.
To think of a tribe or a family as superior to another tribe or family because of a set of genes they may carry is nothing more than an old disease that humans suffer from.
Have you not heard?

“People are equal like the teeth of a comb!”

Now, that comes from Arabia.
Arabia is also said to be a vast land that is home to the Arabs.
But again, to speak of Arabs as a race set apart from the rest of the world is not true historically nor genetically.
Arabia is more like a vast area of land that is home to people who speak Arabic.
From a genetic point of view, it has always been a melting pot.
Anyways, Arabic is a language that is used to express oneself in a clear and best possible way as the situation dictates.
I urge you to learn it!
The state of being the embodiment of Arabic is URUBA or too simply EUROPA which is the name of our Lebanese princess.
The word Europe is foreign to the continent Europe.
All its inhabitants are also foreign. They even say, they came from Africa.

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