Who is your beloved?

والله ما طلعت شمسٌ ولا غربت … إلا و حبّـك مقـرون بأنفاسـي
ولا خلوتُ إلى قوم أحدّثهــم … إلا و أنت حديثي بين جلاســي
ولا ذكرتك محزوناً و لا فَرِحا … إلا و أنت بقلبي بين وسواســـي
ولا هممت بشرب الماء من عطش … إلا رَأَيْتُ خيالاً منك في الكـــاس
ولو قدرتُ على الإتيان جئتـُكم … سعياً على الوجه أو مشياً على الراس
ويا فتى الحيّ إن غّنيت لي طربا … فغّنـني وأسفا من قلبك القاســـي
ما لي وللناس كم يلحونني سفها …  ديني لنفسي ودين الناس للنـــاس
-الحسين بن منصور الحلاج-

By Allah, the sun does not set nor rises,
Except that your love (1) accompanies my breaths

And I do not retreat to a folk, addressing them,
Except that you are the one addressed among the seated

And I do not remember you in sorrow or joy,
Except that you are in my heart, in the midst of my whisperings

And I do not drink water to quench my thirst,
Except that I see a vision of you in my cup

And if I were able to come, I would come to you,
‘rushing on my face, or walking on my head’ (2)

O youth of the vicinity, when you sing in a moving way,
sing to me, but shame on your harden heart

What is wrong with me and people, how they foolishly pressure me,
-My- religion is for me and the people’s religion is for the people

Al-Husayn Ibn Mansur Al-Hallaj [244Hijri/858CE – 309Hijri/922CE]

(1) I am inclined to think that his beloved is Allah, the creator of the Universe (or multiverse) and all that is in it
(2) This one was very difficult for me to translate. So I left it as a word for word translation.

A film series were produced in Egypt titled “Al-Khawajah AbdulKader” and had this poem sang at the beginning.
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